Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bankstown Bites and Idiocracy

I reckon the food tours that is a major part of Bankstown Bites was quite successful last year 'coz they're bringing them back again this year. Aside from queuing up on the day to register, you can sign up online. I can tell you the online spots filled up very quickly because I didn't get any.

My sister was at Bankstown early and reserved two spots for GF and me. At the last minute, GF's mom decided to join us. We got there late, so I asked my sister to give away our places. Not really much to see, mostly food stalls. We had bacon and eggs crepes, strawberry crepes, chocolate churros, and waffle dogs for take-away.

Back home, I watched Idiocracy. Plot is pretty simple, but the production is very slick and polished. Movie is about the world getting dumber and dumber. What with most scientific research devoted to p3nis enlargement and combating hair loss. After 500 years of reverse Darwinism, the dumb rule the world. Corporal Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson) and Rita (Maya Rudolph) wake up from a military hibernation experiment gone wrong to discover that they're the smartest people around. They find out that water has been replaced by an energy drink called "Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator", and the only water you can find is in toilets. No wonder all the plants died out, causing a food shortage. With his superiour intelligence, Joe solved this problem and later became the President of America.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Papal Boatacade

There were rumours swirling about that the papal boatacade will pass by our Pyrmont office waterfront on his way to Barangaroo for the official Papal Welcome Ceremony. Last week, we saw a big group of police patrol boats doing a drive-by. Same thing this morning. Around 3pm, we went up to the building rooftop, which gives us a good view of the Pyrmont waterfront, the Sydney Harbour, and a small portion of Barangaroo. A lot of police and media helicopters are hovering about, adding to our excitement. Didn't last long though. No ships passed by our area. Apparently, MV Sydney 2000 took a different route and had since landed at Barangaroo. Bah!

GF was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Pope in the popemobile as drove into St. Mary's Cathedral House after touring the city centre. Dinner is at Star City's Trophies Bar (for me and GF, not the Pope).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

St. Mary's Cathedral Visit

GF is volunteering at St. Mary's Cathedral today. Went to Hyde Park after work to see what it's like. There's a celebratory mood in the air - lots of happy people about, singing, dancing, taking pictures, just milling about. There's a huge tent selling WYD souvenirs and merchandise. Telstra has another big booth promoting their services. Didn't see GF come out of the cathedral for half an hour. Turns out she's already on her way to Pyrmont. Had to double back.

Since we're already here, we decided to go in St. Mary's and take a look. Everybody else seem to have the same idea. There was a long long queue and people making singit made it even longer. I would've done the same thing if GF is not with me. Took us about an hour of standing in the cold before we got in because the organizers are controlling the number of people inside the church. Pretty much the same, except for the relic of the Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, which is on display.

Dinner is McDonald's at the Mid City Centre food court. As a volunteer, GF got a McDonald's VIP card. Can't remember if we made use of it or not.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feast of St. Benedict

Quite a busy day today. Spent the afternoon checking out second-hand CR-Vs with my brother. Then went to Auburn to check out Mirvac's Ashgrove homes.

Later in the afternoon, GF and I drove around UNSW looking for the Women's College. A few days ago, GF befriended some Filipino nuns who are in town for the World Youth Day 2008. They must be in desparate need for Filipino food because they made a special request to GF. So here we are, delivering pancit to their residence. Back in Broadway, we were looking for a church to go to Mass to, but can't find any. Little did we know that right across the street is St. Benedict's Church. In celebration of the Patronal Feast of St. Benedict, classical music and chorale music was being played and performed by Coro Innominata and St Benedict's Choir. It was a cold, windy night, and since the church hall was packed, GF and I had to stand at the doorway until the end of the service.

For dinner, we had hot noodle soup at Broadway Shopping Centre.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Three Movies and a Cake

With the Foxtel IQ box almost at full capacity, we hunkered down today and made a decision to watch some movies.

First up is Fruit Chan's 2004 movie Dumplings (Gaau ji). The movie is an ode to the (cosmetic) wonders of cannibalism, specifially human fetuses. Given the Chinese' penchant of eating almost anything, this could be true. Ah, to be young forever. If in doubt, check Snopes.

Next, we watched another Chinese movie called The Wild, Wild Rose (a.k.a. Ye mei gui zhi lian) - a Chinese adaptation of George Bizet's Carmen. A close look at the movie info puts the release year at 1960, so no surprise that the film is still in black-and-white. Main character is a nightclub singer by the name of Deng Sijia. The male protagonist is an English major turned pianist called Hanhua. On a bet, the singer successfully seduces the pianist away from his loyal fiance. As you all know, nothing good ever comes out of that for everyone.

Around 10pm, we started watching No Man's Land. Movie is about a Bosniak and a Bosnian Serb caught in a trench in the middle of the 1993 Bosnian war. Obviously, these two soldiers don't get along well. At the end of the movie, they kill each other off. And a third guy lying on top of a land mine is left for dead by the UN.

For dessert, I baked a gluten-free chocolate cake with the chocolate frosting on top.