Wednesday, July 16, 2008

St. Mary's Cathedral Visit

GF is volunteering at St. Mary's Cathedral today. Went to Hyde Park after work to see what it's like. There's a celebratory mood in the air - lots of happy people about, singing, dancing, taking pictures, just milling about. There's a huge tent selling WYD souvenirs and merchandise. Telstra has another big booth promoting their services. Didn't see GF come out of the cathedral for half an hour. Turns out she's already on her way to Pyrmont. Had to double back.

Since we're already here, we decided to go in St. Mary's and take a look. Everybody else seem to have the same idea. There was a long long queue and people making singit made it even longer. I would've done the same thing if GF is not with me. Took us about an hour of standing in the cold before we got in because the organizers are controlling the number of people inside the church. Pretty much the same, except for the relic of the Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, which is on display.

Dinner is McDonald's at the Mid City Centre food court. As a volunteer, GF got a McDonald's VIP card. Can't remember if we made use of it or not.

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