Thursday, July 17, 2008

Papal Boatacade

There were rumours swirling about that the papal boatacade will pass by our Pyrmont office waterfront on his way to Barangaroo for the official Papal Welcome Ceremony. Last week, we saw a big group of police patrol boats doing a drive-by. Same thing this morning. Around 3pm, we went up to the building rooftop, which gives us a good view of the Pyrmont waterfront, the Sydney Harbour, and a small portion of Barangaroo. A lot of police and media helicopters are hovering about, adding to our excitement. Didn't last long though. No ships passed by our area. Apparently, MV Sydney 2000 took a different route and had since landed at Barangaroo. Bah!

GF was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the Pope in the popemobile as drove into St. Mary's Cathedral House after touring the city centre. Dinner is at Star City's Trophies Bar (for me and GF, not the Pope).

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