Saturday, June 01, 2013

A Night in the City

After attending a garden (park) wedding and a (church) reception at Pyrmont, I took the bus to Maritime Museum for the Vivid Aquatique light show at Darling Harbour. It's half an hour before the 6pm show, but we thought might as well go there early and look for a good spot. Bad idea. It's raining and the wind is blowing hard. We were huddled under the overpass, and yet we're still getting drenched. The show is basically some dance video projected on a water curtain with some water jets spraying here and there. To be honest, the water jet show at Bellagio, or even the laser light show at Suntec City or Sentosa are much better.

Cold and hungry, we went to Harbourside for dinner. Most of the restaurants are either fully booked or have long queues. We ended up at Harbourside Thai which is relatively less busy. For good reason. Almost all of the dishes we ordered, like BBQ pork or BBQ chicken or deep-fried chicken, were "not available". Had to settle for stir-fried noodles and microwaved skewers. Would've been nice to see the 8:30pm fireworks, but the rain is not letting up. Of course, by the time we hit the road, the winds stopped and the rains became a light drizzle. Enjoyed the fireworks from my rear-view mirror.

At the carpark near our hotel, we were going up and down the 4 levels, looking for a spot. There are a few cars about, and everyone is following everyone else hoping to get lucky. We eventually got lucky after half an hour. In comparison, checking into the Vibe Hotel took all of 5 minutes.