Saturday, July 12, 2008

Three Movies and a Cake

With the Foxtel IQ box almost at full capacity, we hunkered down today and made a decision to watch some movies.

First up is Fruit Chan's 2004 movie Dumplings (Gaau ji). The movie is an ode to the (cosmetic) wonders of cannibalism, specifially human fetuses. Given the Chinese' penchant of eating almost anything, this could be true. Ah, to be young forever. If in doubt, check Snopes.

Next, we watched another Chinese movie called The Wild, Wild Rose (a.k.a. Ye mei gui zhi lian) - a Chinese adaptation of George Bizet's Carmen. A close look at the movie info puts the release year at 1960, so no surprise that the film is still in black-and-white. Main character is a nightclub singer by the name of Deng Sijia. The male protagonist is an English major turned pianist called Hanhua. On a bet, the singer successfully seduces the pianist away from his loyal fiance. As you all know, nothing good ever comes out of that for everyone.

Around 10pm, we started watching No Man's Land. Movie is about a Bosniak and a Bosnian Serb caught in a trench in the middle of the 1993 Bosnian war. Obviously, these two soldiers don't get along well. At the end of the movie, they kill each other off. And a third guy lying on top of a land mine is left for dead by the UN.

For dessert, I baked a gluten-free chocolate cake with the chocolate frosting on top.

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