Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sleepy Gong

We got to Wollongong around lunchtime. It was relatively quiet compared to Sydney. Actually feels like a Sunday. Took a walk along Crown Street Mall. It's a 2-3 block strip of pedestrian shopping, like Sydney's Pitt Street Mall. There's some retail shops here and there, some already closed. There's David Jones, Myer, JB Hi-Fi, etc. The only time I got excited was when I spotted some $20 PS3 Singstar bundles and a ceramic white PSP on clearance for $99. (Take a further 20% off for the missing battery.)

After a late lunch, we went to the beach and the lighthouse for some picture-taking with the birds. (Real birds.) Not too many tourists there. By 4:30pm all of the shops, except for DJ, are already closed.

Next day, MIL woke up early and went out for a coffee. It was 9am, and all the shops and cafes are still closed. Good thing we found Campos Coffee and that's where we had our (big) breakfast.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Searching for Truffles

I know Truffles is very difficult to find, but this is getting ridiculous. The address given to us was 427 Princess Highway, Wollongong. We set off from our hotel around 6:15pm hoping to locate it in 15 minutes using our GPS units. We got to the place, but no Truffles. We got out of the car, searched the whole block. Nada. We asked around and somebody told us it's near the Corrimal RSL. Nope, it's not. (Remember, it's Truffles Restaurant, not Truffles Bistro.) We called them up, and were given some vague directions. We headed back in the direction of Wollongong, thought we might have missed it, so we doubled back. Nope, must be the other direction.

We finally found the restaurant at 8pm. Way past the babies' bedtime, which made them really cranky. The menu sounds very nice, but tastes average. Or maybe I was just not in the mood anymore. Prices are quite reasonable though, especially when it's somebody else's treat.