Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feast of St. Benedict

Quite a busy day today. Spent the afternoon checking out second-hand CR-Vs with my brother. Then went to Auburn to check out Mirvac's Ashgrove homes.

Later in the afternoon, GF and I drove around UNSW looking for the Women's College. A few days ago, GF befriended some Filipino nuns who are in town for the World Youth Day 2008. They must be in desparate need for Filipino food because they made a special request to GF. So here we are, delivering pancit to their residence. Back in Broadway, we were looking for a church to go to Mass to, but can't find any. Little did we know that right across the street is St. Benedict's Church. In celebration of the Patronal Feast of St. Benedict, classical music and chorale music was being played and performed by Coro Innominata and St Benedict's Choir. It was a cold, windy night, and since the church hall was packed, GF and I had to stand at the doorway until the end of the service.

For dinner, we had hot noodle soup at Broadway Shopping Centre.

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