Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Training and Shopping and Dining

More on the latter two. After the training course, I went straight to Plaza Senayan. Taxi fare is only IDR 10,000. Lots of botique stores, but I'm only interested in Sogo and Metro (on either end of the mall). Shoes on sale, shirts on sale, pants on sale, even luggages on sale. At Senayan City across the street, it's Debenhams. On an impulse, I bought an IDF150,000 shirt and a Delsey cabin-size expandable trolley bag at 60% off. I've done this before. Pulling two trolley bags across airport terminals is not easy, but can be done.

Back at the hotel, I decided to go to Samudra Shark's Fin Restuarant for dinner. Too bad it's blocked off for tonight and closing at 9pm. Went to Orient8 instead. The lady at the door mentioned that they're having a special event and it's buffet night tonight. I asked her if my IDR100,000 meal voucher is gonna cover the buffet. YES, she says. (Orient8 currently has award-winning chef David Thompson to cook some Thai dishes.) So I had steamed tofu, chilled spicy minced chicken, fried chicken, grilled scallops, stir fry beef, deep fried prawns, grilled chicken with lemongrass, battered mushroom, chicken spring rolls. Dessert is Vietnamese coffee ice cream. Everything is very nice, except for the bill. It came up to IDR193,600. Just the buffet is already IDR136,000. Ah, went over the limit again. I wish the lady would've told me earlier.

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