Monday, June 16, 2008

Busiest Day of the Year

My colleague received an emergency page for the RADIUS proxy. Given that I'm the main man for ICD, I offered my assistance. Spent the whole day stopping and starting the processes and Oracle, rebooting the nodes, etc. Didn't help any. Getting a constant stream of 100020 and 100015 errors. Lots of charging error messages on the TA. Looking real bad.

Aside from that, the Melbourne project manager wants to know when I'm going down for the CPU and memory upgrade. The Sydney project manager wants to know why I still haven't created those FI Electra cases. (Because I'm busy?) GF is wondering if I'm free to talk. My team leader wants to know if I'm bringing GF to the Friday team dinner. My colleagues wants to continue with the FI-OWB testing.


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