Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Phantom of the Opera at Lyric Theatre

Got to City Noodle Cafe a bit late, as we're on Day 2 of the OSC saga. I'm supposed to be on call starting tonight, but because of tonight's show, I got a colleague to cover for me. He wasn't too happy. I had to remind him that we made the arrangement two weeks ago, and that the OSC ESS was raised yesterday during his watch, and not today.

Anyway, the show was pretty good - better than I expected. Magnificent props and of course, wonderful music. Anthony Warlow plays The Phantom, Ana Marina plays Christine, and Alexander Lewis plays Raoul. There were lots of stage props that left me wondering how they actually did it. For example, the ghostly image in the mirror in Christine's boudoir, The Phantom's mannequin coming to life, The Phantom's boat gliding in the underground lake, etc. While the show left me in awe, GF admitted that the music and The Phantom spooked her a bit. Aww. :-)

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