Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sony CMT-CX5BiPB Micro Hi-Fi

The unit is a bit smaller than I expected. Good thing, too, because we actually had to take away some family photos on top of the TV stand to make room for it. Retails for $249, bought it online for much less than that.

What I like about it:

  • Wall mountable - not like I'm gonna put nails into my wall to mount it.
  • Digital radio - reception not too good in our area, but it works.
  • Nice, clean, crisp sound quality.
  • iPod connectivity. Now, my iPod nano with the broken screen can get some use.
  • 3 x iPod universal dock adapters provided. None of which fits my 4th-gen iPod or 4th-gen iPod nano.
  • Top slot-loading CD drive - a space saver.


  • No USB input support
  • Speakers not attachable to the main unit
  • Rear connectivity area (for power, audio in, and L/R speakers) too cramped
  • Doesn't support the 4th-gen iPod classic, even though it's "Made for iPod and iPhone"
  • No AM band support

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