Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Week in Greenhills

Did pretty much what we did in Shanghai - shopping and eating.

Not much shopping on day 1 as we had to start with basic stuff like converting our money, doing the laundy, buying groceries, etc. Lunched at Shakey's, then dinner at MoA. Well, the wife had dinner at MoA; I had to stay behind to take care of the baby.

Day 2 we got down to serious business - dental appointment. Went to SM Megamall to have lunch at Pancake House, then dinner at C2 with the family.

Spent the next day shopping for shoes at Shoppesville. Had lunch with the wife's aunties at Gerry's Grill, then tea at Coffee Bean. Dinner at Bizu where it's less crowded.

Day 4 is BarKD Day at Jollibee (EDSA Ortigas). The old kids and the young ones had lots of fun taking pictures and playing games with the dancing Jollibee. As expected, our kid was mortally afraid of the mascot, but warmed up to him very quickly as he was exiting the venue. After party is at the adjoining Cafe France till late afternoon. No chitchat for me, as I was the designated yayo. There's only so much you can do with a balloon and the birds outside. Late dinner at Crystal Jade with the family.

Day 5 saw us having brunch at UCC. Yummy! Dropped by the old house for a short tour/inspection, then off to Resort World Newport City. Not too many shops, and not too many gamblers in the casino. Went to Glorietta for some Red Ribbon cakes and Fino leather goods. After a short rest at the hotel, went to Virra Mall for takeaway Chickenjoy and bought an SGY on the way back.

Day 6 - Raisin bread for breakfast and Starbucks for mirienda. Went to Cubao to have the baby checked out. The Aussie GPs are saying that the sniffles is normal, but it's always good to have a second opinion. Left the clinic with bottles and bottles of medicine. Lunch at Pho Bac at Centris Walk, then mirienda at Angelicum. Went to Trinoma in the afternoon to kill time. The lines at M&S were so long, the baby and I got bored walking round and round the block. Farewell dinner at Okegawa in Tomas Morato.

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