Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lunch 2011.09.25 - Bianco

Wrong day to have lunch at Bianco Brighton-Le-Sands. Supposed to have a nice walk along the beach before or after the meal. With this pounding rain and howling wind, I don't think so. Couldn't find the restaurant so we called them up. No wonder. They're along the Grand Parade, instead of Bay Street as listed in Eatability and their own website. And yes, they offer complimentary parking at the Novotel. Apparently, that parking lot was being shared with a shopping centre, which is not doing too good. And we thought we parked at the wrong place.

Looks like we're the only party at the restaurant, as only our table was set. It's all good because it's nice and quiet. The kids have the whole place for themselves - the main dining area, the lounge, and the bar. The food's not so bad, but for the price, I expected better. The pork belly (slow-cooked for 15 hours) was kinda small, and I would've liked the skin to be crunchier. The lobster pasta didn't have a lot of lobster. The mashed potato is quite chunky, and the cod fish is a tad too salty. Service is excellent though.

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