Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dinner 2011.09.22 - Piano Room

Not as classy as we thought. Perhaps the pictures on the website was taken from a different era. And to think that we actually dressed up. Can't find any decent parking space nearby, so had to use Wilson Parking. $20 per hour, can you imagine!

Can't find where the place was, so we just followed where the others are going. The place was so dark, I can't see the decor. Most of the light was coming from the surrounding streets and the giant Coca-Cola sign below through the wide windows. Entertainment was provided by an old-timer on a baby grand piano and a crooner singing Sinatra on the centre stage. Food's ok, but slow in coming. We had calamari and bocconcini-stuffed risotto balls for entree, lamb cutlets for mains, and ice cream for dessert. Red wine to wash it all down.


Joel Reyes Noche said...

I think you mean "Piano Room."

Albert Ching said...

Yeah, that's what I meant.