Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trip to Costco

Today, we went to check out Costco Auburn. We've been given some warning that it's gonna be packed, especially on a weekend. I guess that's to be expected, given that it's been open for only a couple of weeks, but I mean, how bad can it be?

So from M4 we took the Silverwater exit, then left to Parramatta Road. Street's blocked. On a Sunday afternoon? That's strange. Looks like quite a few cars are turning into the Bunnings parking lot. There's actually a Bunnings staff talking to some of the drivers and waving them off. Next left is the Costco parking lot entrance, but that's been closed off. Ahead, I can see someone putting cones in front of the other parking entrance. Drove to Olympic Park, doubled back, and parked at Lidcombe Power Centre. Even that one's almost full. Crossed the street with about a hundred other people to Costco. The warehouse club is so full, I can't even have a good look at what's on the shelves. The checkout lines stretched all the way to the other side of the building. I had to ditch our trolley because there's no way I'm lining up. All we managed to buy is a combo pizza, an all-meat hotdog, and a very berry sundae from the food centre.

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