Sunday, August 21, 2011

Swatch Metal Flash

After selling the Brise-Glace (GK274) and the Sheikh (GG183), both with expandable metal bands, mind you, I bought a brand new Metal Flash (SSK104). This is the first time I've owned a Swatch Stop watch, and I quite like it. The watch has only one crown and it controls all functions on the watch/stopwatch.

Pull out the crown to adjust the time. Slow turn adjusts the minute hand one minute at a time. Fast turn moves the watch forward (or backward) by an hour. Press once to activate stopwatch mode. (Hands go to 12:00 position.) Press again to start couting. Press again to stop. Press once more to switch back to normal mode. In case the stopwatch doesn't reset to 12:00, do a long press (about 3 seconds). Pull out the crown. Turn crown clockwise to adjust the minute hand. Turn crown counterclockwise to adjust the hour hand. Once at 12:00, push crown back.

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