Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trip to Viking Twice

Not a lucky day for me. Rushed out of the house to find that I have left all my keys and even wallet behind. All I've got is my backpack and my phone. Called up the wife. Really no point to have her drive all the way home to open the door for me and drive back to work. Called my siblings. All of them have left for work already. At least Mom's home. I decided to walk the 1.5kms to get the spare keys from her.

A few hundred meters down the road, it started raining. Ran to the nearest taxi rank and hopped into a cab. Lucky for me, my cabbie doesn't mind the short distance and the fact that I don't have any money with me. Though I did pay him with the money I borrowed from Mom. So I grabbed the spare house keys, took the spare car and drove back to my house. The keys won't work. In our haste, we got the wrong keys.

Drove back to the house. This time, my Mom's already waiting outside with the right keys. Got back to the house, grabbed my keys and wallet, switched cars, off to the office.

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