Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sydney Royal Easter Show

Has been drizzling the whole day. If it weren't for the date-specific tickets, I would've just stayed at home, instead of going to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The rain stopped for a while by the time we got out of the bus, so it's not too bad. Still happy that the wife and baby didn't come along, as the whole place is packed. First activity we watched is the dog races. Man, those dogs are really hyper. I wonder what the trainers do to make them so motivated. Next, we watched the daredevil bikies do some stunts. The ground is still wet, so they only performed the easy ones. Started drizzling again, so we took shelter inside the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome. Everybody else had the same idea, so the place is packed. Love the produce displays.

Lunch is hotdog on a stick for $4.50 and chips for $6.50. Strange that the chips cost more than the hotdog. If you look hard enough, you'll find stalls selling hotdogs for $6. Ponchos for $5. Umbrellas for $9. After lunch, we checked out the cows, the horses, the sheep, the cats, the blokes chopping wood, etc. By 5pm, it's time for the Grand Parade, which has more cows, more horses, more sheep, more alpacas, more pigs, etc. Can't believe we wasted 1.5 hours for that. By 6pm, I was in such a hurry to meet up with the wife, I didn't have the time to look at the showbags anymore.

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