Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Saved Ninjatown!

After months and months of playing, I finally finished Ninjatown on Nintendo DS. Actually, this is the first game I ever finished on the DS. Took a while because I don't really get to play that much. Plus the fact that Mr. Demon and his minions are not that easy to defeat. (No easy mode for me.)

Created by Shawn Smith of Shawnimals fame, Ninjatown is a defense strategy game. The bad guys move through a section of the town. You construct ninja huts along their path, from which different types of ninjas will emerge to engage the enemies. For every enemy that crosses the town, one life is taken out of your 10 lives. For every enemy that you defeat, you gain ninja star cookies, which you can use to build new huts or upgrade existing ones. You also earn Happiness points, which you can use to execute special moves. The ones I usually use is the magnifying glass to burn the enemies or blowing into the mic to "push" enemies to a certain direction.

After going through so many levels, the last stage wasn't as difficult as I expected. Remember to make use of the lava ninjas (once unlocked). These guys strike hard, but are not hardy, so construct modifier buildings to increase their range and regeneration. Took down the Boss even before he got to the middle of the map. Yeah!

By the way, the PS3 Singstar microphones came in today. Just need to download more Singstar songs and videos and let Ultrastar Deluxe work its magic on the Windows laptop. I'll probably test my new(ly bought) refurbished Xbox on the weekend.

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