Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cheapo at DFO

Hit the Bankstown Markets early in the morning in search of a spare tyre (and wheel). My brother was tipped off that he might find his stolen spare tyre there. Saw this wooden rocking chair that I really wanted. Ought to be really handy when the wife gets bigger. The asking price is $30. CHEAP! We're not leaving yet, so we decided to buy it when we're about to leave. We didn't find any tyres. Got back to the seller, and guess what? Somebody has already put a deposit on the rocking chair. The lady was willing to give the chair to us, if the buyer still didn't show up after 15 minutes (on top of the 30 minutes already passed). Too bad, she showed up on time and finalized the purchase. Moral lesson to self: If you see something you like, buy it immediately.

Where else to get good bargains? DFO. Puma was having a 40% storewide sale. The wife got herself a white shoulder bag, while I got a new pair of Puma Scattista Lo Speed Racer sneakers. Puma specially created these shoes to tie in with the Speed Racer. The Scattista Lo Speed Racer M5 (white) is modeled after Speed Racer's car, the iconic Mach 5. while the Scattista Lo Speed Racer X9 (black) reflects the film's mysterious character, Racer X. Both racing sneakers incorporate Puma's UNI construction in which the shoe's upper is sewn directly onto the sole, providing stability, weight reduction and and good fit. Guess which one I bought?

Would've gone on to Ikea after dinner at Phoenix for more shopping. Too bad it closes early during weekends.

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