Sunday, November 16, 2008

Non-Movie Weekend

Supposed to watch Welcome to the Sticks (Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis) at St. Leonards Park as part of Helga's European Film Festival. It was cloudy and windy and started to drizzle a bit, so we decided not to go. Went to Westfield Burwood instead for Rocknrolla. Movie starts at 6:45pm. Had early dinner at Something Sweet. By the time we finished our meal, it was just past movietime. Gave the movie a pass and went back home.

On Sunday, we're supposed to watch The Orphanage at Hurstville. Went to Elica's house blessing at Ropes Crossing in the morning. GF had so much fun chatting (and eating), we decided to stay. Went to Kamayan later at Rooty Hill to buy some takeaway. Because it was already late in the afternoon, we only managed to get embutido and relyenong bangus.

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