Sunday, August 10, 2008

City2Surf 2008

This is my 5th City2Surf in a row, and possibly my last. For one, I'm not getting any younger, and that 14 kilometers seem to take longer and harder to complete. Two, I don't think GF is joining me in any of these runs. I might just take a leisurely stroll next year.

The innovation in this year's City2Surf is the introduction of a personal timing chip, which I reckon should be there long time ago. With this timing chip, which you attach to your running shoes, you can get your personal time accurate down to the second. As you cross the (magnetic?) starting line, the chip ID and time is recorded, and the same thing happens again as you finish.

This year, I was 36867th over the line with a time of 99:51 minutes. Not bad at all.

GF didn't join the race, but she drove down to Bondi Beach to pick me up. Unfortunately, there was nowhere to park. And given that she had no idea what time I'll finish, she had been circling the area for about an hour. In the end, she had to park at a driveway along Sandridge Street, and I had to limp all the way from Bondi Beach to meet her.

Back at Westfield Bondi Junction, we had a nice quiet lunch at Barnoodle.

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Anonymous said...

I know someone how is 72 years of age had ran 20 C2S races and kept saying this will be my last City to Surf :). But he still kept going!

You are far from how old he is, so i don't think you will not just give up just like that :D.