Friday, August 22, 2008

Agnes' Winter Wedding

Took a leave from work just to attend Michael and Agnes' wedding. Turns out it's still for 1pm at Leichardt. GF forgot to tell me that fact. Had a little tuna pasta at GF's house for lunch. Had been cold and raining all day. The wedding ceremony was short and simple. After the wedding, everyone lined up in a queue to wish the new couple well.

Passed the time at GF's house, then went to Villa Rosa around 6pm for the wedding reception. Some cocktails, then a four-course dinner. The host for the night was hilarious and kept everyone entertained. Later, everyone formed a huge circle, while the bride and groom walked around to say thanks. That took a bit of time because the couple was talking to each and every person. The band tried to liven things up with songs, but had to stop eventually because you can only repeat a song so many time. Got home after midnight already.

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