Sunday, June 01, 2008

Kiama with Relatives

Our relatives from Pangasinan are back in Australia for their annual vacation. Given their big numbers this year, my brother and I had to drive two cars to bring them around. Drove down to Martin Place to pick them up from the city, then brought them over to the house for a look-see. After a short rest, it's a long drive to Kiama, where we spent an hour or so looking at the blowhole, waiting for a big one. The winds are strong and chilly, but the waves are not in the proper harmonics to produce a big blow. With nothing left more to do, we headed back to Sydney, stopping at a roadside McDonald's restaurant for late lunch.

The guys wanted to pick up some souvenir items at Paddy's Markets, so we dropped them off at Chinatown, while we went back home to recuperate. At night, it's back to the city for a farewell dinner at the BBQ City Korean restaurant.

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