Saturday, June 07, 2008

Jazz and Blues Festival at Darling Harbour

Went to Darling Harbour with GF in the afternoon. Not for the Jazz & Blues Festival, but to meet up GF's friend from Adelaide (and her friends in Sydney). We arrived a bit early, so we decided to watch the concert at the Aquashell Cockle Bay. Starting at 5:45pm, it's the 'Sinatra and Ella Swing' with the Ed Wilson Big Band featuring Monica Trapaga, Frank Bennett & Jeff Duff. If you're not familiar with the Sinatra and Ella songs, think Michael Buble and Tony Bennett.

G...e later arrived with boyfriend A....n and friend P.....k, and off we went looking for a good place to eat. We ended up having dinner at Super Bowl in Chinatown. That's steamed dimsum, lemon chicken, Peking-style spare ribs, stir noodles, and steamed rice. It started drizzling again on our way back to Darling Harbour, so everybody parted ways. GF and I went back to Star City, where we had hot chocolate, chai latte, and Mortal Sin at Lyric Cafe before going home.

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