Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Destined for 2 Days in Paris

Not really my choice of movie, but it seems like the fates have decided, and their decision is final. My sister got me a double pass to 2 Days to Paris at Dendys, and I decided to pass. This time, GF's friend gave her two tickets to St. George's OpenAir Cinema for the same movie. How can I say no? It's a long walk from Town Hall to St. James to Domain. By the time we got to Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, we're quite ready for dinner. Once we have reserved our seats, we went to the nearby dining area and ordered beer-battered fish and chips and hand-made pizza with calabrese salami, mushrooms, and goat cheese.

It has been raining hard the past few days and tonight, the skies are trying very hard not to. At 8:30pm when the big screen came up and everyone is getting ready for the show, it started to drizzle. Then it started to rain and it started to pour. Everyone rushed off to get their ponchos. Watching an outdoor movie in the middle of a shower through a clear poncho - a first for me (and GF).

Would've been nice if the movie is spectacular, given all the effort we made to watch it, but it's only so-so (despite what the reviews said). Actress-director Julie Delpy plays Paris-born photographer Marion with Adam Goldberg as her American-Jewish boyfriend working in New York as an interior designer. They're on a two-day stop in Paris before going back to the US. During this time, Jack finds out that Marion has bought an apartment one floor above her parents, and that's where they're staying. He also gets to meet several of her ex-boyfriends, most of whom still seem to have the hots for her. He also discovers that one of them has been sending erotic SMS messages to her mobile, and she's been keeping them. Marion, on the other hand, is just a total nutcase. If I were Jack, I would drop her in a split-second. She shares her boyfriend's nude picture with the family; she's got serious anger management issues; she lies about her relation with her ex-boyfriends; she lies about her past sexual encounters; and she overuses her voice-overs in the movie.

For comedic effect, the movie gives us:

  • a neurotic boyfriend who doesn't want to take public transport for fear of terrorist bombings, yet nonchalantly gives the wrong directions to a group of tourists
  • a compulsive liar of a girlfriend who picks fights with Arab taxi drivers and physically assaults ex-boyfriends as if she's been doing it since she's five, and
  • her parents who don't speak much English yet always try to chat up Jack and makes jokes about him in French.
In the end, we got to know more about the main characters, but really I couldn't care less.

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