Monday, December 31, 2007

NYE 2008

After a quick dinner of fried rice, grilled spatchcock, and pork adobo, GF and I headed down to the city for the NYE fireworks. As usual, this year's fireworks extravaganza is supposed to be the best ever. By 8:30pm we were already on the Pyrmont Bridge. I searched out my colleague and turned over the emergency pager to him. From here on, I'm a free man - till the second week of January.

This is the first time I watched the 9pm fireworks on the bridge. I must say it is spectacular. The firing barges are just in front of us and the fireworks display is really up close and personal. You can hear and feel the explosions, which makes it all the more exciting. With time to kill till the midnight fireworks, GF met up with some of her friends for some picture-taking before they headed for Circular Quay. Us, we just stayed around the Pyrmont Darling Island area till twelve. We had a pretty good view of the Harbour Bridge and the CBD skyscrapers participating in the fireworks display. From our vantage point, we can actually see three to four sets of the fireworks. It's not as good as the 9pm one though because they all seem so distant and the explosions a bit muffled. After 4 straight years of watching the NYE fireworks, the magic tends to wear off a bit. Anyway, it's still a pretty good show. Happy new year, everyone!

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