Monday, December 10, 2007

Malling at Leppavara

Usually, when I'm on training in a foreign land, I would've covered much of the city by the middle of the week. Not this time. There's no sign of snow, yet it's freezing cold. You get some light drizzle in the morning once in a while, but the ground is dry. The puddles turn to ice, so you have to careful where you tread. And it's dark and gloomy most of the day. If you're lucky, you get sunlight for about 6 hours - from 10am till 4pm. When you're out and about, you definitely need to have a beannie, a scarf, and gloves on, or you won't last long. Every time I take off my gloves to take some pictures, I need at least 15 minutes for my hands to recover.

Fortunately, there's a mega-mall right across the Leppavara train station. Instead of going straight back to Helsinki to hole up in my hotel room, today I decided to go window-shopping. Wasn't much fun because I'm not looking for anything in particular. Bought two Christmas postcards - one for my GF and another for my Bavarian penpal. The cashier informs me that for €0.50 more, I can actually get 10 postcards. Very tempting, but nah. Dinner is a Hesburger meal. I don't think it's reindeer meat, though.

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