Monday, March 22, 2010

Third Time Unlucky

Another flat tyre for the Holden Zafira. That's actually the third time that it had happened in recent weeks. First time was the Honda CR-V. Due to our proximity to a taxi garage, street parking in our area is pretty limited, so we parked the CR-V in front of the neighbor's. The first time it had a flat, we thought little of it. Called in Honda roadside assist to put in the spare.

A few days later, another flat for the CR-V. The first one's got a puncture, while the second one is missing the valve pin. As for the Holden Zafira, one of the tyres got deflated and we can't find the valve cover. Looks like somebody doesn't like us parking near his place. (Mind you, we're talking street parking. It's not like we parked in front of his driveway or something.)

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