Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pennytel Problems

On a whim, I signed up with this VoIP provider called Pennytel. There's no contract or anything. All you need to do is sign up online and register for a free account with them. Create a wallet and top it up with some funds, either via BPay or credit card. BPay takes three days to clear; credit cards even longer.

So I've created my account, I've topped up my wallet, I've configured the modem/router to talk properly with Pennytel's SIP gateway. I make my first VoIP call and it cuts out at 32 seconds. A couple more calls, and they all terminate at the 32-second mark. I'm sure it's a router config, though I can't seem to find the setting. A check on Whirlpool tells me that I'm not the only one suffering from this. Most of the guys were able to fix this issue by either:

  • changing the RTP port to 5100
  • increasing the "incoming no answer" to 3600s
  • disabling the firewall, or
  • changing the re-invite expiry
All of which are not applicable to me.

With no other options left (aside from buying a new ADSL2+ wireless modem/router with built-in VoIP and firewall), I decided to flash my firmware. Now, the Open Networks 824RLW only goes up to as high as the Open 5.53 firmware. If I wanted something newer and better, I have to reflash my box to Billion's 5.54b firmware. And I did so at great risk to my box, but in the end, it's still 32-second VoIP calls.


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