Monday, January 25, 2010

Siemenswerke Training and Marienplatz Shopping

Woke up in the morning to find everything blanketed in snow. Went to reception to get some toiletry kits, a Nokia phone charger, and breakfast vouchers for the week. Buffet breakfast only so-so. Mixed fruits, cereals, fruit juices, croissants, scrambled egg, egg roll, ham and cheese, etc. Nothing to write home about. Supposed to take the U5 to Heimeranplatz, then transfer to S7 going to Siemenswerke. When I got to Heimeranplatz, I didn't see any S-Bahn S7 nearby. After a few minutes of walking around, I decided the best option is to go back to Hauptbahnhof and start from scratch. That's when I saw a sign (inside the station) pointing towards S7. Near Siemenswerke, I got lost again. I saw a big block of office buildings on the left, so I thought that must be it. That's where most people are going anyway. At the metal revolving gates, people are using security passes to get it. So I circled all the way to the other side of the block to get to the main reception. Turns out the training centers are on the other side of the tracks. One good thing about this frigid winter is that you can be walking for half an hour, but you're not sweaty.

After training, I dropped off my stuff at the hotel, and went straight to Marienplatz for some shopping. I've been wearing the same clothes since I left Sydney, and I really need a change. If you're not too fussy about fashion, and just want clothes to wear, you can't go wrong with H&M. Not too pricey. There's at least three outlets one beside the other in Marienplatz. Also nearby is the Galeria Kaufhof department store. Currently having massive clearance sales, so this is the right time to do some last-minute winter shopping. If you really want cheap, go to C&A. So much stuff to buy, but I don't want to buy too much, as I'm not sure if Emirates is going to reimburse me or not. Tried calling them at noon, but no one's picking up.

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