Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Laptop Lobotomy

Got a few Thinkpads lying around the house, so I thought it's about time I fixed them up.

I've got a proper working 600E with a 6GB hard disk running Win2k. Then I have a T23 with no hard disk. Might as well use the laptop with more processing power. So I ported over the 6GB HDD to the T23 and changed the OS to a barebones TinyXP (with all the drivers, of course). After the fresh install, I'm left with 3.4GB free. Not good. Switched back to WinXP patched all the way to SP4. Ended up with 4GB free. Not bad.

Then there's the X31 with 1.7GHz CPU, 512MB RAM and 40GB HDD. Only problem is, the WiFi is not working properly. It works for a few minutes, the cuts off by itself. I managed to get hold of a non-working X31 and swapped the Intel WiFi modules around. Voila! A working svelte X31.

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