Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First eBay Sales Ever

Took advantage of eBay's free-listing-fees promo post-NY, and put up a few bargains last week. Today I'm reaping the fruits of my efforts.

First few days of the auction were tough because one of the conditions is that you had to list at $0.99. Days would go by with no bites whatsoever. Then a few watchers, but no bidders. Then one or two bidders, but the bid seems to be stuck at $1 or so. I mean, guys, these are brand-new Swatches we're talking about! Few hours to go, the bids start coming in. The hammer falls, SOLD!

I bought these Swatches a couple of years ago, but never got the time (get it?) to wear them, as I have a few other Swatches I'm rotating. IIRC, I bought them for around US$20+. The automatic Numé-Rotation (SAM107) with see-through front and back sold for $31, while the Extra-Thin (GK326PACK) that comes in special foil packaging sold for $21.50. Not too shabby.

My white Nokia AC-1A compact travel charger with retractable cord sold for $0.99, which is a pity, but what can you do? The postage of $5.70 costs more than the item. The other black charger didn't even get one bid.

With eBay, you gotta know what to sell and when to sell. Try not to end the auction in the middle of the night because by then most of your bidders are asleep. This sounds obvious, but don't sell something you don't want to buy yourself. I'm currently trying to sell some audio CDs and Xbox and PS2 games. Very little interest. I reckon some guy's gonna snag some real bargains here - $0.99 item price with $3 handling and postage.

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