Friday, November 06, 2009

PS2 and EyeToy

First thing I bought from eBay after getting a fat secondhand Playstation2 console is a memory card. Without said memory card, you can't save your games. Guess SIL forgot to tell me this important fact, which I only found out after half an hour into a Kingdom Hearts game and I need to save state.

PS2 memory cards are cheap enough on eBay. Why buy an original Sony 8MB card for $25, when you can buy a no-name 64MB one for $7 (delivered)? Games for the PS2 are pretty cheap too, considering the aging console is on the way out. EBGames are selling used games for a flat rate of $13, and cheaper still on eBay.

My next purchase is a second-edition silver EyeToy camera. (Said to be smaller and smaller than the original black one.) Getting a bit of a Wii-envy, so I bought it for some interactive gaming. Also bought Kinetic Combat with the fisheye lens, which is supposedly quite rare already. Plus Play3 and Eyetoy Groove.

Ah, so much stuff to buy. Next on the list is Singstar and the network adapter. Now, if I can only hack this PS2...

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