Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sydney in a Day

WHQ's friends from Manila flew in today. After a short rest, we brought them to the city for a tour. We traveled along Canterbury Road, then Paramatta Road, through the CBD to Hyde Park, passed by Oxford, followed the City2Surf route, and ended up at Watsons Bay. It was lunchtime by then, so everybody had fish and chips and seafood at Doyles. The weather was colder that what we expected. After some picture-taking at The Gap, we went to the Macquarie Lighthouse for more. Since we're so close to Bondi, we made a detour and spent the afternoon at the beach.

By the time we arrived at Circular Quay, it's already late afternoon. Inside Customs House, there's the Green Void installation by architecture think tank Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA). On one side inside the Red Room is an art installation called Doves that Cry, featuring a canopy of white LED lights above a black piano. At the Customs House forecourt is the Lumenosity abstract installation using coloured light cubes.

This being their first time in Sydney, we spent quite some time taking pictures at the Opera House, then at the MCA. The original plan was to have early dinner at Pancake at The Rocks, but as usual the queue is way too long. The girls had their dinner at City Cafe, while the family celebrated Dad's birthday at Neptune Restaurant. We could've toured a bit more, but the girls are dog tired already, and E's not feeling so well, so we went home afterwards.

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