Saturday, May 02, 2009

Philippine Cultural Day at St. Marys

Never been to St. Marys before. I made it a point to check out the Philippine Cultural Day event because I was having visions a big stage showcasing Philiping song and dance numbers and stalls selling turon and fishball and pork barbeque (a la Aling Nene). Too bad it didn't materialize. There's a mini-park on a street corner, and that's where the even it being held. Got a good-sized crowd though. Had to drive down a block before we found parking space.

There's a couple of stalls promoting Philippine tourism. One stall selling pancit and palabok, another stall offering free Magnolia sorbetes (gold coin donation), and the last stall selling Filipino foodstuffs. On stage we have some folk dances, song numbers, then a fashion show displaying the country's national costume through the years. Strangely enought, we can't find any nearby Filipino restaurants. Drove to Rooty Hill, but can't find the Corregidor Filipino restaurant. We did see Kamayan and Little Quiapo, but they're more like takeaway shops. One of the storeowners was helpful enough to give us directions, so we eventually found ourselves having lunch at The Corregidor Entertainment Centre and Restaurant at 3pm. The place is more like a function hall. All spruced up for a concert dinner later in the evening. We had lechon kawali, sinigang, kaldereta and pancit - all of them very good.

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