Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sydney Ute Hire

Moving day today. Instead of trying to cram the bed(s) and mattresses and cabinet into the Zafira and making multiple trips, we decided to just rent a ute. You can normally rent one from most petrol stations. The one across the villa is charging $40 for a minimum of two hours. We went with that because of proximity. You write down your personal details and put up a bond just in case something happens to the ute. The clerk brings you to the ute, shows you that the tank is full, and makes a round of inspection with you. And off you go.

I thought of asking the guy if he can reduce the time/fee. Good thing I didn't, as two hours is just right. Loading up the ute already took almost an hour, not to mention the unloading part. Then there's the travel time from the petrol station to home to unit and back to the station. I returned the key, and the guy asked if I had refilled the tank. I go, Huh? Do I have to? It's just a few kilometers. Anyway, I filled up the tank, and paid for a few dollars worth of petrol to make the guy happy.

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Luke Edward said...

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