Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Star City Trophies Lunch

Been a while since we went to Trophies Food Court for lunch. That's because it's been a while since GDG got a $50 voucher from Star City. He used to get a lot of vouchers from the establishment, but not anymore. Maybe he's not gambling as much.

We noticed that there's a promo ongoing called Cash Lab. Basically, you swipe your Total Rewards membership card at one of the promo kiosks to get a raffle ticket for the draw of the day. If you're lucky enough, you get an instant prize that you claim on stage. If you're feeling lucky, you can pull a lever for a chance to double your prize. My instant prize is a $10 free bet. A pull of the lever made it $20.

Today must be our lucky day. GDG forgot to bring his membership card, so the Trophies staff swiped her card when we placed our food order. Turns out the staff discount is 50%, so effectively we got all our food for half-price. We ordered BBQ pork, roast pork, fried pork chop noodle, Caesar's salad, Greek salad, spring rolls, and black forest cake for everyone. All for only $44 (at 50% off). We didn't even use up the voucher. Had to pack away the eight spring rolls because we're too full already.

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