Sunday, February 08, 2009

Australian National Wedding Exhibition

Went to see the Australian National Wedding Expo at the Olympic Park Sports Centre. Not much stuff to see. I would say 80% of the exhibitors are photographers. The rest are jewelers, make-up studios, car hire, cakes, formalwear hire, 1 caterer, etc. No wonder entry is free.

Lunch at Dooley's. The cool airconditioning inside is welcome relief from the extreme heat outside. We noticed most of the patrons are getting some bread and cake with their orders. Must be free to members or something. Signed up to be a member for 4 years. Costs only $11 compared to annual membership of $5.

Went to the unit afterwards to do a bit of cleaning up. Switch the lighbulbs to energy-saving CFLs, changed one of the locketsets (darn difficult), sealed some gaps in the corner floorboards, etc.

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