Saturday, January 24, 2009


Went to Gladesville to visit Fotoexpression. Don't want to spend too much time checking out all available wedding photographers out there, so we're sort of going with Wiki and Ilona. Based on their works that we've seen so far, they're not too bad. Either their camera work is really good, or their Photoshop skills is. Hopefully both. Fotoexpression's basic package starts at $2,150. For that amount, you can a free engagement session a couple of months prior to the wedding date, so the photographer can get to know the couple. Then, you get a day's worth of photography service. From the bride's (or groom's) house to the church wedding to the location shoot to the reception. They'll assign you a photographer and an assistant from their photography team. If you insist on using their principal photographer, that'll cost you extra. You get digital copies of all pictures taken, in web resolution (700x450). If you want the full resolution, that'll cost $650 extra. If you want a hand-crafted wedding album with the photos nicely formatted and laid out, that'll cost $800 extra. Ah, nothing comes for free anymore.

After lunch, we went to Campsie for the unit's final inspection. Everything is pretty much the same. The owners remembered to put in the smoke detector we requested. Aside from a broken tile and a few dead cockroaches, nothing else seems out of place. Back at WHQ's place, we spent the rest of the day watching The Other Boleyn Girl.

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