Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No-Fly Zone at Illawarra Fly

After a long time of talking about it, today is the day we try out the Illawarra Fly Treetop Walk. I suggested to WHQ that we take the Grand Pacific Drive as it's along the way. First stop is the Ottford Lookout. The day is a bit overcast, but from here we still have clear sweeping views of the ocean and the mountainside. Further down the road, we stopped by Bald Hill Stanwell Park to check out the hanggliding action. RY was seriously tempted to do some tandem hanggliding, but later decided against it. Said it was too cold.

At the Sea Cliff Bridge, we were thinking whether we should try walking across for the experience. Good thing we didn't. There's really not much to see. The $50m bridge is 1.6kms long, and walking across and back is no easy talk. Driving on to Wollongong, we stopped by Nan Tien Temple for some picture-taking. Lunch consisted of hamburgers that the ladies prepared.

By 3pm, we got to Knights Hill. As luck would have it, the whole place is drizzling. But it's not the rain that is the problem, we could've easily gotten a poncho. The whole area is blanketed by dense fog! From inside the information centre, visibility is only a few tens of meters. The weather didn't improve after our coffee and hot chocolate, so we decided to come back another day.

After a short rest in the afternoon, GF joined the family for a Christmas Eve dinner at HK Restaurant.

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