Friday, December 26, 2008

Melbourne - Day One

First day on our road trip to Melbourne is pretty uneventful. We left Sydney around 7:15am. My brother and I were driving, and we took turns at the wheel every two hours. First stop is at Gosford, where the Big Merino is. Breakfast at McDonald's. Next stop is at Goubourn. Lunch at Hungry Jack's and a full tank of petrol for the car. We had a short stop at this town called Holwich. The sign says "Holbrook Submarine Town", so I had to stop and look for the submarine. The town is quite small, and the submarine is parked right beside the main road. I don't think we're anywhere near the coast. No idea how the submarine ended up here. Would've liked to check out the sub, but it's pretty hot out in the open, and everyone's in a hurry to reach Melbourne, so we drove on.

Got to Melbourne around 5:30pm. First thing I noticed are the many flyovers and exits and the toll charges that go along with them. Checked in at Quest on Dorcas (right beside Royal Botanic Gardens), then drove straight to the CBD. The good thing about Melbourne is that the place is always alive and kicking. Many of the shops were already closed, but there's still lots of people about. Dinner is at the Yoyogi Japanese Cafe. Strangely enough, the owner and all the staff are Chinese. Today being Boxing Day, we went to David Jones (and Myer) for some late-night window-shopping.

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