Sunday, December 07, 2008

From Engagement to Married Life in One Day

Went to Hurstville with GF to watch Married Life. I knew something was wrong the moment we stepped in the cinema. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw GQ tell a couple of ladies "Here they are." and run off. So we took our seats and watched the pre-movie trailers and commercials. Suddenly the lights dimmed, the drum roll came on, and on the screen came the Powerpoint presentation I created:

It just so happened that the movie of the day was Married Life. So GF sort of assumed that this is just one of the teasers. I popped the question, and she didn't even mind me. Hmm, not the kind of reaction I expected. I sort of assumed that she got the message, and was just acting coy, so I asked her again. And again. Everyone else in the cinema seemed to know what's going on, and the place started to buzz with anticipation. GF finally realized that the video was intended for her. After the initial shock, she managed to say yes, which I promptly relayed to the expectant crowd, to their delight.

Married Life is probably not the kind of movie to watch on engagement day. In the movie, Harry cheats on his long-time wife Pat, and leads a double life with the younger Kay. He feels so happy and content he introduces Kay to his best buddy Richard. Now Richard is a playboy and he instantly takes a liking to Kay. He discovers Pat having an affair with another guy, yet he advises her to remain with Harry so he can have Kay for himself. Meanwhile, Harry decides to poison Pat to get her out of the way. At the last minute, he finds Kay together with Richard. He rushes back home to stop Pat from taking her medication, which he had replaced with poison. From then on, everything goes back to "normal". After the movie, GQ publicly congratulated us, and handed us some flowers and a DVD copy of the presentation. Very nice gesture.

The story is a bit sobering, bleak and sad, but not enough to dampen WHQ's spirits. By the time we finished our coffee/hot chocolate and pastries, she has already SMS'ed all of her friends and informed her parents who are overseas at the time, before I have a chance to change my mind. This is what is known as "the point of no return".

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