Friday, June 20, 2008

Melbourne - Day One

Woke up late. In no mood for a proper breakfast. Finished off the half-finished Subway sandwich from last night. Still don't know whether the hardware upgrade tonight is go or no-go. Decider meeting at 12 noon. Late checkout from 11am to 12 noon. The PM suggested I extend it another hour. Stamford Plaza is asking for $45 more. As for my plane booking, I had it moved to 3pm.

Walked my way to our Rialto office along Collins. Lots of small shops, most of them having sales. Customer decided to allow the hardware upgrade tonight. MM went back home to bring his car, so that he can take me to Sunshine. I hopped across the street to get a Big Mac Meal from McDonalds. I was able to work up the queue, wait for my order, and get back to the Rialto lobby just in time for MM's arrival.

At Sunshine, it's a slow business of having my PTW for tonight extended, getting an engineer to give me an induction to the site, and actually locating the equipment to be upgraded. Got back to the city around 4pm. Had to rush back to the hotel to attend a useless team conference call. The guys didn't even know I was dialed in.

Dinner was at the Melbourne Central basement food court via Myer. Beef brisket noodle from Bamboo City. Passed by Myer again. Was thinking of buying this cookbook, but thought better to buy it in Sydney. Had a short nap to energize myself for tonight's activity.

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