Saturday, March 15, 2008

Paolo Santos Live & Intimate Australian Tour at Basement Blacktown

Not really a big Paolo Santos fan. I kinda liked his breakout song Moonlight in Paris back in the early 90s because that's when I first heard the song. Then he started doing mostly covers of old songs - changing a few notes here and there. Never really liked his falsetto voice.

Anyway, he's here in Sydney to do a couple of shows. Am surprised he's still around, given that most of his contemporaries have come and gone. GF's brother-in-law sounds like a big fan, so we all went to Basement Blacktown to see him (Paolo) perform. Had I known earlier that Paolo Santos also has a show at Burwood RSL, I would've recommended that instead. Tickets costs $35 bucks - not too expensive considering he did two sets for the night, with each set consisting of 10 songs or more. Then again, the concert venue is not that nice. It's at the basement level of the building, way too many tables, only lighting is the plasma screens here and there, and insufficient ventilation. The food's not too bad though. Or is it because I haven't had Filipino food for a long time now?

Paolo was in his regulation T-shirt and jeans. He's got good rapport with the audience. (Not that difficult since most of the audience are fans anyway.) He sang the trademark Paolo Santos songs - mostly slow smooth ballads, easy to sing: Sailing, Overjoyed, Huwag na Lang Kaya, No Woman No Cry, Magasin, Roxanne, etc. It was getting late, so we left a little after the second set.

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