Thursday, February 14, 2008

Movie on Valentine's Day - Definitely, Maybe

It's not really my style to plan and prepare things in advance. Same goes for Valentine's Day. While others guys will order flowers online or reserve a restaurant table, I did nothing of the sort. There's a little flower shop at Union Square, so I was thinking worst case I can always drop by, get some roses and make a personal delivery. Really worst case, I know there's a few florists along Burwood Road.

I wasn't counting on leaving the office late. Worse, traffic along Parramatta is quite bad this afternoon. Since GF leaves her office at 4pm, I definitely (maybe) have to be there before then. By 3:55pm, I'm still on the road. I had no choice but to stall her by sending her text messages. I reckon she already figured out what I had in mind, still I'm sure she was surprised when I showed up at the villa. Part of the surprise might be from the fact that I showed up empty-handed - no flowers, no chocolates. (Though I did send her something via email.) Still, GF (and her colleagues) were quite happy to see me. Made up for it by watching this rom-com called Definitely, Maybe.

The only thing GF is after is Ryan Reynolds, and I'm happy to discover that Rachel Weis is part of the cast. That little girl, Abigail Breslin, on the other hand, should've been left out of the story. She's cute and natural in Little Miss Sunshine, but comes off over-acting in this movie. Anyway, story is about this divorced guy Will Hayes who failed at love with three women, and his daughter tries to figure out which one is her real mom. Is it her Dad's college sweetheart Emily, who has a thing for Summer and slept with his roommate while he's in NY? Or is it April the copier girl, who can't decide whether she likes Will or not? Or maybe it's Summer, who goes for older, experienced guys and who happens to be Emily's old flame. To make a long story short, Emily is the biological mother. The divorce still pushes through, and in the end Will and April realize that they truly love each other after all these years, and they become one happy family. Aww.

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