Saturday, December 29, 2007

Greater Union Movie Marathon

It was my first time to try a movie marathon (on terra firma), and frankly I'm surprised so many people are into this thing. I guess the main draw is the cheap ticket price ($16.50 for three movies), plus the chance to do something different with your friends. Most of the people inside the cinema are high school kiddies, who brought along food, blankets, pillows, and friends. Me, I was with my sister, GF, and her brother.

First movie was I Am Legend. This is actually the only movie I wanted to see. Set in post-apocalyptic 2012 New York, Robert Neville and his German shepherd Sam seem to be the only survivors of a lethal virus that broke out during 2009. The genetically-engineered virus was originally developed as a cure for cancer, which later mutated and wiped out 90% of the human population. Over 9% were infected by the strain, but didn't die - degenerating into the aggressive Infected. Less than 1% are totally immune from the virus, but are hunted down by the Infected for food.

I can see why the movie would appeal to the guys. (The girls only wanted to see Will Smith working out half-naked.) I mean, the main character had the whole of NYC as his personal playground. He takes any flash car he likes, go hunting around town all morning, and chat up the ladies (mannequins) all he wants. The rest of the day, he works at bit at the lab, searching for a cure. Absolutely no night life though because that's when the Infected comes out in search for fresh meat.

In a chance encounter, he meets up with two survivors - Anna and her son Ethan. They're on their way to Vermont where there's supposed to be a colony of survivors. Finally, after three years of trial and error, Robert finds a cure. Just in time, too because the Infected manages to track him down to his HQ and mounts an all-out attack. Robert gives Anna a vial of the cure and whisks them out of the house through a backdoor. After that, he blows everything to kingdom come. Anna and Ethan safely reaches the survivors' colony with the cure, and that's how the Legend of Robert Neville came to be.

Next on the line-up in Beowulf. Having watched Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within years and years ago, I'm surprised CGI animation still hasn't improved much at all. I mean, there were times when I struggled to identify the real Angelina Jolie from the CG one, but that's about it. And there's nothing special about the story, too. King Hrothgar and his men offends the monster Grendel, who prefers a quiet night, so he comes to the mead hall and kills off most of the merrymakers. King Hrothgar contracts Beowulf and his men to kill Grendel, which Beowulf did. In retaliation, Grendel's mummy kills Beowulf men in their sleep, and skins them, too. Beowulf goes to the flooded caves for payback. Instead of getting his revenge, Beowulf gets seduced by Grendel's mother (now in the form of luscious Angelina Jolie) with her promise of fame and fortune in exchange for a son. Beowulf willingly obliges.

Years later, Beowulf dreams of a golden man who threatens to kill his wife Wealtheow and consort Ursula. He knew then that his son is out to create trouble in Heorot. That same day, a great dragon attacks his castle. He manages to kill the dragon by ripping out its heart with his bare hands, but not before he was mortally wounded. He leaves the kingdom to his good friend Wiglaf and passes away. In the final scene, we see Wiglaf standing on the shore. Grendel's mother appears out of the water and stares alluringly at Wiglaf. We don't know if Wiglaf took the bait or not.

Last movie for the marathon is 1408. I've seen this one on the plane before. Wasn't scared then, wasn't scared now. It does help that during both times I was already half-asleep. There's really no story to this movie. Just a mishmash of scares strung together. This hack of a writer visits this haunted room to prove there's nothing paranormal about it. About an hour or so of strange happenings, he comes out an almost-dead believer.

Spent the rest of the day catching up on my sleep.

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