Sunday, November 25, 2007

Coffee with ASIMO

Honda's ASIMO is coming to town, as part of his(?) Alive and Unplugged Australian Tour. Last day today at Darling Harbour's Palm Grove, then he's moving on to Parramatta's Prince Alfred Park. I've got a slight fever, but I just had to go to his show, and see how he compares with Sony's QRIO. Watching Japanese robots move around is probably not her thing, but my Good Friend was nice enough to drive me to the city. We got to the ticket tent an hour before the 4:30pm show, and was told all tickets are gone - even for the last 6:30pm show. Just my luck.

There's also the inaugural Sydney Christmas Parade, which we also missed. All that's left is the Christmas Village at Tumbalong Park. There's song-and-dance performances on stage, picture-taking with Santa, and the many booths promoting tourism, climate change, the Bee Movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and others. Starbucks was full, so we went to Gloria Jeans Harbourside. Who would we expect to meet there if not my Dad and sister?! You bet they're surprised. Such a small world.

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