Wednesday, August 15, 2007

City2Surf 2007 Results

The official results are out. The complete list of finishers and their times are printed in today's issue of SMH. I was too lazy to scan the list for my name, so I waited till the City2Surf website switched on their online search facility (by name or bib number).

It tells me: "Well done Albert on completing The 2007 Sun-Herald City2Surf. You were 20293rd over the line with a time of 100:42." Not as good as last year's result. The upside is that I didn't feel any pain during the race, and I can still actually walk after the race.

Incidentally, the website actually has a picture of me crossing the finish line up for sale. (Yes, that's me checking the time on my mobile.) Makes me wonder how they did it? Did they use some pattern-recognition software to identify the chest bibs or did they simply hire lots of people to pour through the thousands of pictures looking for matches?

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