Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wasps Begone!

Today, I had get rid of a wasp nest. It really made me feel bad having to do it. I first noticed the presence of the nest a few weeks ago. I saw a couple of wasps circling our front gate, and true enough, there's a small wasp nest right outside my bedroom window. With the intent of removing it, I would look at the nest once in a while, but there's usually one or two wasps holding fort.

It's sunny weather again today, and the wasps are back circling our front lawn. Sensing an opportunity, I sneaked into the front lawn with a pole and a plastic bag. Like I said, I felt bad (and nervous) doing this bad deed. I can imagine the wasps coming back at night after a day's hard work to find their home gone. (Too bad they didn't get home insurance.) Then again, it's them or us. I say a little a prayer and gave the nest a good smack. Turns out there was another wasp inside the nest. Lucky for me, it simply flew away instead of attacking the invader.

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